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bouche sans bruit

car c'est l'écriture

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Ugh. Did not go shopping. Spent all day swearing under my breath about The Accountants. Stupid overly-complicated file.

Went downstairs and grabbed a beer-Lonerider's Sweet Josie. It's yummy and aiding in my after-hours work.

Everyone's Gone
Now that everyone is elsewhere (aside from kaylyssa and a few others) I may come back to write a bit. Probably not, this will be a one-off.

I am frustrated at work today. My "boss" is attempting a project along the lines of what I do everyday. Rather than go by the checklist I made for ease of conversion he keeps trying to do things differently and I have to spend too much time answering questions that shouldn't exist.

I bought a bar of dark chocolate with chili powder and cherries and intend to stress eat the entire thing.

That, and there's a J. Crew warehouse sale tomorrow that I am going to in lieu of work. Therapy.

$$ Thinking Green $$
green light
Financial situations have ruined the color green for me. The beloved color is now stamped into my brain as a movement, not a lovely blend of cerulean and merrigold. Marketing has taken photosynthesis and turned it into A Thing, if not The Thing. Don't get me wrong, I'm okay with the 'movement.' Like most movements that pique my interest I'm in agreeance in the theory and ultimate goals, it's just usually the thing in practice that turns me off. Going Green is admirable. I love the idea of cutting down on waste and toxic elements in life to live purely and happily. What I don't love is how damn expensive it is to Go Green. How trendy it is to Be Green. How you're less of a person if you aren't Green.

In a way, I've been Greenish (Turquoise?) my whole life. I am my grandmother's granddaughter. My grandmother who grew up in the depression, who learned not to waste a single thing unless it is absolutely necessary. My mother learned these techniques and I have inherited them as an heirloom. Passed down for generations. My sister is the shining beacon of keeping the heirloom intact with environmentally-friendly cleaning products, compost piles, back-yard gardens, uber-efficient washer and dryer, bee-keeping, etc etc. I think it's fantastic that she looks out for her family's health and happiness in this way. Her daughters are growing up in a very sustainable household with the Family Heirloom to teach them how many ways to re-use a tin can. My sisters and brothers (all five of us) know what it's like to Be Green but the main difference in the home-schooled-hippyish kids and us is that we reduced, reused and recycled because it was financially necessary. A stay at home mother (with a stint of back-to-school for a few years) and a hard-working father was the life for us. We didn't lead a life of constant lacking, heck, I think most of the time we never knew what we were "missing" which means we were just fine. There were little things that we had to keep in mind, however, due to a large family and a smaller budget. Tin foil had many lives, as did paper bags, plastic bags, pretty much anything that was supposed to be disposable lived longer than manufacturers intended because it was wasteful to throw something away which was still perfectly usable. My instincts kick me in the head when I see a glass jar in the trash (or really, even the recycling bin) because just THINK of all the things that jar can be! How much money can be saved by using a jam jar to hold q-tips rather than buying some curtain-matching plastic cup that walmart says is designed for the purpose. You get the point. I am kind of a pack-rat.

So how do I react when I see the Green Movement pushing organic cotton pillows in my face for $300 a pop? Or when I'm the bad guy because the produce I have in my fridge isn't a 100% certified organic, totally-local fare? I have become embittered towards turning my life green. I get upset walking through the earth-friendly grocery store because I can't afford it. I'm not asking to live a life beyond my means and I'm not spouting any evils of sustainability. I am stating that I think it's wrong that the idea of reducing waste and keeping your life at a healthy balance has been so exploited to the point where I want to go to walmart and buy some processed, frozen pizza rolls just out of spite. Getting the word out is one thing, but so many markets cashing in on something that had/has such a pure goal and twisting it into a trendy profit really boils my convential, 50-cents-a-can beans. It's important at this economic time to pinch pennies and rely on ourselves to use what we have to the best of our abilities. I'm just a little fed-up by the lack of understanding that sometimes, especially now-times, not everyone can afford to support local farmers, that making sure all the new clothes you buy come from within the country and have the best-possible work conditions is not always an option, and that there've always been 100 ways to reuse a tin can and to please not put a $40 price tag on one just because you think it's cute and Green. 

Sensory Overload
jack and coke

I think I am nesting..without the pregnancy. Or maybe it’s years and years of repressed creative output in the context of interior design. It all started when I moved into my new place and thought “Yuck, this bathroom hasn’t been treated well since 1970something. I should paint it!”

Since then, all I can do is read design blogs about spaces, paint colors, different materials, DIY projects for the home, etc. I’ve read almost every article about how to decorate a small bathroom (pretty much use a light color..duh) and I just have no idea what to do. My design sensibility tells me “Use color! A pattern maybe! Paint some kind of mural or cool illustration!” but I just feel so weird listening to myself. Can I commit to something of my own creation? Would a tranquil, clean bathroom be better instead? I feel like I’ll either go safe and clean or just have a creative-splosion all over the bathroom. I am my own worst critic when it comes to my work or taste and I just don’t know what to do. So I need some advice. Suggestions. Maybe I just need to lay on my bathroom floor and get inspired…

Also, will someone buy me some Pantone Paints? This would be so much easier if I could just pick from my swatch libraries…


girls were so nice then
Scene: Sitting at work. Rainy and cold outside. Steve Miller Band comes on the Pandora shuffle. Can't stand that song. Decide to change channels to "Billie Holiday Radio." First song to pop up? "Gloomy Sunday"

Sunday is gloomy,
My hours are slumberless
Dearest the shadows
I live with are numberless
Little white flowers
Will never awaken you
Not where the black coaches
Sorrow has taken you
Angels have no thoughts
Of ever returning you
Wouldn't they be angry
If I thought of joining you?

Gloomy Sunday

Gloomy is sunday,
With shadows I spend it all
My heart and I
Have decided to end it all
Soon there'll be flowers
And prayers that are said I know
But let them not weep
Let them know that I'm glad to go
Death is no dream
For in death I'm caressin' you
With the last breath of my soul
I'll be blessin' you

Gloomy Sunday

Dreaming, I was only dreaming
I wake and I find you asleep
In the deep of my heart here
Darling I hope
That my dream never haunted you
My heart is tellin' you
How much I wanted you
Gloomy Sunday

(no subject)
Who says blogging doesn't pay? Because of the name drop of the newspaper I'm going to have my face in the publisher was google-alerted and sent to my lj. She then saw that I had a portfolio. She then looked at said portfolio. She then contacted me, interviewed me, and gave me a job all in one day to do all of the layout work and creating advertisements for the paper. I win.

(no subject)
I realized (if anyone cares...) that the literal translation of the title and subtitle of this blog does not do well on online translators. I named it right after I got back from France so I'm gonna go ahead and back-assume that it's colloquial and right. It says: Mouth without noise: because it's writing. FYI because no one cares but me...

(no subject)
face it
I feel so posty today! OK so some things:

+I have a call date with a potential employer tomorrow morning at 10am and am very excited. I know I shouldn't get my hopes up so much, it's just that she responded sooo quickly after I sent my portfolio and seemed really eager to meet with me! So!

+Oh yeah, I'm working part time at a photography gallery in Carrboro called the Jesse Kalisher Gallery if I haven't mentioned that already. Since it's part time I need to find another job, hence the previous excitement.

+I'm going to be in the Carrboro Free Press next Wednesday! A girl stopped into the gallery needed to get a feature photo but since everyone else had left for the day it was just me. She also needed a "voice of carrboro" type thing so she asked me a question and took my photo! I'll wait until next week when I get a copy of the paper to post that stuff, it's not terribly exciting....but it really is! It's a good thing I was actually cleaned up today. I thought about not taking a shower, but I did. And I put makeup on. AND I'm wearing a non-frump shirt. Score a point for me.

+My sister is going to have a baby in a few weeks and I'm excited! Niece #4! I actually get to have a day off and go to her baby shower too which I'm glad about, I can't go to her housewarming party cause I have to work so at least I get to do this.

+I miss Boone a little. Mainly I miss my friends. I miss Kaitlin and Michelle and Matt a lot. I think I'll plan to go visit soon.

+I need HONEST feedback about those comics, people. The writing was pretty much all Kaitlin, I helped with the pyrite one, I mainly just illustrated them which, again, wasn't too fab. I'm still learning this whole thing so I need as many opinions as possible to hone my skills.

+I've been traveling a ton so far this year. I think I've stayed put for a whole week only once or twice. I go to either: my other sister's house, Asheville to see Chapin, or Charlotte to see my parents. I still want to go visit Cheryl in Lynchburg, Maggie in New Mexico and Kaitlin in Arkansas. Those ones might have to come later in the year after I've accrued more financial stability. Damn economy...

There better be a new episode of both The Office and 30 Rock tonight. Or else.

Photo post--what??
green light
The first thing I do when I finally get a new apartment? Obtaining a contraption like this:

That's right. It's a dispenser for box wine. You take the bag out and put it in this (since they all come with their own nozzle it just slides in the grooves.) This one is from a Swedish designer and is ridiculously expensive so I'm sure I'm going to come up with a way to make one. I just love the idea of having the wine available and creating a piece to keep it out rather than having to hide the ugly box they always come in. The project list is getting big and I'm getting impatient to start on it.

Since I have a fancy phone now, I can take pictures and share them. Under the cut are a good deal of said pictures.

edit: OH MY THEY'RE ALL HUGE! The images are pretty giganto...um...I'm new to the internet...

2.0 mp yeaaaahCollapse )

More posts to come
If anyone is interested in seeing my "professional portfolio" you can now. It's kind of always a work in progress, especially since a lot of files are stashed away in a UHAUL storage facility in Raleigh. It's a pdf so just click it and download to view. It's pretty small, don't worry.